winston and dougie


Meet Winston and Dougie, the charming resident dogs at Humphrey & Bo, who bring joy and warmth to all our doggie guests. Winston, a 7-year-old English Bull Terrier, and Dougie, a 6- year-old Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, have been part of Grace’s family since they were puppies, sharing a special bond not only with each other but with everyone they meet.

Born on the same day, exactly a year apart, these two delightful dogs have grown up side by side. Winston, with his love for cuddles and basking in the sunshine, is a gentle giant who never misses an opportunity to soak up the rays or snuggle up with a friendly visitor. Dougie, on the
other hand, is a spirited little thing who adores following his mum Grace around, enjoying cuddles, and playing with other small dogs.

Both Winston and Dougie share an enthusiasm for food, always ready to indulge in their favourite treats. Their friendly dispositions and affectionate natures make them the perfect hosts,
eagerly welcoming every new furry friend that steps through our doors. Whether it’s through a warm cuddle from Winston or an enthusiastic play session with Dougie, these two beloved dogs ensure that every guest feels right at home.