Grace Cox


Growing up around dogs from when she was very young made Grace realise just how much she enjoyed being around them and sparked her ambition to work with animals.

Grace studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Greenwich – during her studies she volunteered at a local wildlife park working with domestic and zoo animals gaining a lot of understanding of the animals and their needs. Once completing her University degree Grace became the Assistant Manager for 2 years at a dog boarding facility in Nottingham giving Grace experience and skills in handing all types of dog breeds and a great empathy and understanding of their needs. Grace has worked with both the RSPCA & Police Dangerous Dogs Dept in the past and also has her Animal First Aid Certificate.

After taking a year out to travel around Thailand and Australia Grace came back to live in Dorset to be closer to her family and friends. Grace lives on site at Humphrey and Bo with her husband Tom, daughter Willow, their dogs Winston and Dougie and finally their fluffy cat Jamjam.